It starts with Baptism.

The enrichment and joy of becoming a Catholic can commence at any time in a persons life. Majority of Infants are baptised into the catholic faith by the wish of their parents. As the children commences school in either the catholic school or public school system, they are introduced into the other Sacraments in the relevant year groups. When a young person receives their Sacrament of Confirmation, they become a full member of the Catholic Church.

As an adult, it is not too late to become a Catholic. The adult will require to attend courses to understand the Sacraments he/she is about to receive. The order of the Sacraments are :

  • Baptism- Reborn into new life as God’s child,
  • Reconciliation – The forgiveness of sins,
  • Holy Communion – Receiving the nourishment of Christ’s Body & Blood (in the form of Bread and Wine) and
  • Confirmation – Receiving the Holy Spirit and becoming a full member of the Catholic family.

If you reside within the boundaries of this Parish and would like to commence this journey, please contact the Parish Office on (02) 9644 -5191.