For all ministers of the church who volunteer or for those who would like to volunteer- we require 4 documents to fulfil all our safeguarding requirements. These are – the registration and acceptance forms of the Archdiocese , an online safeguarding course certificate and a NSW Working with Children Check (WWCC) number from Services NSW.


We are grateful to our volunteers who assist in the running of the Church, from greeting you at the Church door, to assisting Father with the setting up of the relevant decorations for the season, or to cleaning of the church. Without our Volunteers, we would not be able to achieve everything required to make these Masses or Programs run smoothly.


The Acolyte is instituted for service by the Archdiocese to assist the Priest and Deacon. The Acolyte must be over 18, is with good character and known to the Parish priest. The Acolyte formation and training takes place at both parish and Diocesan level.

The acolyte has a particular role in preparing the altar and the sacred vessels. An acolyte can also be an extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion.

Altar Linen

We have volunteers who wash the linen in accordance to the guidelines of the church.

Altar servers

Senior Altar Servers carry out the duties of an acolyte when an acolyte is not present. Seniors Alter servers take part in the procession at the commencement of mass, they may carry the Gospel book, the cross, the candles, or the censor (thurible). Younger altar servers take part in the offertory procession and ring the bell at the Eucharistic prayer.  For those children who are interested, should see the Parish priest. Young altar servers to-be are trained by Mary Nguyen and Elvis Pham at either the Vigil Mass or Sunday 10am and 6pm Mass times.


We have 14 catechist who visit and teach from Kinder to Year 6 in Wattawa Heights Public, Bass Hill Public and West Bankstown Public School.

Children’s Liturgy

The children remain with their family in the church or the “cry room”. The children receive a worksheet that contain colouring and puzzles related to the teachings of the day.

Church cleaning

We have a roster of volunteers who gather on either Friday or Saturday to tidy and clean the Church. We also have a team of volunteers who look after the garden and the statues on site.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Our Extraordinary Ministers administer communion to our sick and aged parishioners at their home or in a number of aged care homes every fortnight, that are within the Parish boundary. If an elderly has received the Sacrament of Holy Communion and would like to receive Communion at Home or in the Aged Care; Please email the Parish office about the request to receive Holy Communion. During the Covid-19 lockdown, this service will not be available.


In the past the Parish had run successful Raffle and Bingo events which were popular. Our Fetes are also popular, vibrant and brings the community together. As yet we have no date set for the next Fete.


Our Local St Vincent De Paul Society, who are also a member of our Parish assist with visiting and assisting with the elderly or the needy in our community. Please visit Vinnies website.

Music Ministry

We use pre-recorded melodies. Every 3rd Sunday Mass we have the Samoan Choir sing.

Readers & PowerPoint

We have a roster for our readers and commentators for each Mass as well as volunteers who assist in PowerPoint operation, which guides the congregation through the liturgy of the word and the Eucharist.

Parish Office

if you are interested in any of the ministries please contact or email the Parish office. The Parish office hours are Wednesday – Friday between 9:30-2:30pm, but can change. Please call the office beforehand. Please email the Parish on for any requests or updates. For urgent matters, please call Father on the office number.