When at home, we chose a spiritual or sacred space, where it is tranquil and quiet where you can say your prayers. Light a candle and give a petitions to the Lord.

Prayers For Protection Against Coronavirus

Praise you, Heavenly Father, Almighty Creator of the Universe.
You appointed us stewards of all fauna and flora and gave us
mastery over them. In so many ways, we have failed you and
we ask for Your forgiveness.

In these worrisome times, with the global Coronavirus pandemic
threatening our health and existence, we humbly and
confidently ask for Your protection, healing and restoration,
especially of those who are already afflicted with it.

Father, keep safe all medical staff, all who comfort the sick,
all borders patrol personnel, and all who courageously take up
the task of keeping our country and the world safe from this virus.

If it is Your will, bind this plague and take this suffering away
from us. Holy Spirit, transform our fears into strength, resilience,
steadfastness and fortitude, and help us bear fruits of
faith, hope, charity and prudence.

Precious Blood of Jesus, purify the world of this pestilence.
Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.
Mother of Perpetual Succour watch over us and intercede for us.
St Benedict and St Raphael, pray for us.
All our guardian angels, light and guard our way.

In Jesus’ Most Holy name we pray. Amen